Vetiva | Passionately Professional

Vetiva is a Pan-African Investment Banking and Financial Services Company incorporated in Nigeria. Our activities are primarily:

We focus on bringing new perspectives to our clients by understanding that the future is shaped by the past. We always look at opportunities and challenges from a long-term perspective; because we know that the future doesn’t just happen. It has to be built.

Vetiva Capital Management has a longstanding reputation for providing superior service and creative ideas to our clients in the sectors that we cover. Our firm’s traditions, values and experience are devoted to one goal – meeting the needs of our clients – whilst we benchmark ourselves to the highest internationally acceptable ethical standards.

We have built our business and reputation on the high quality of our research. Vetiva’s breadth and depth of research coverage in the West African Sub-region is unparalleled and provides our firm with a unique perspective of the capital markets.

We embrace the latest technology and encourage our employees to be entrepreneurial and innovative. Likewise, we are quick to respond to the needs of our clients and seize opportunities whenever they may arise.


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